Since the Graffiti Prevention Grants (GPG) program commenced in 2011, over 150 Graffiti Prevention Grant projects worth more than $2.7 million have been funded. 

In December 2017, a survey was sent to 102 recipients of a Graffiti Prevention Grant who delivered projects between 2012-2017. A total of 43 surveys were completed by 29 Victorian councils.

The purpose of the survey was to determine whether:

  • councils feel their GPG project was effective in the prevention and reduction of illegal graffiti
  • certain types of graffiti prevention approaches are more effective in reducing illegal graffiti than others
  • murals/public art approaches have been effective in the prevention and reduction of illegal graffiti. 

The following report outlines the results of the survey, and how effective councils have found GPG projects to be in preventing or reducing illegal graffiti. 


Community Crime Prevention Unit
Department of Justice and Regulation
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