Fast facts

Project name: Meet Your Street

Organisation: Monash City Council

Grant program: Community Safety Fund

Grant amount: $9,440

With residential non-aggravated burglary on the rise in Monash, Monash City Council developed a community safety project to help encourage greater connections between neighbours and increase feelings of safety. 

The Meet Your Street project developed postcards for people to swap their contact details with their neighbours. The postcards also outlined simple actions which can be taken to make a street feel safer and help to reduce the risk of burglary, such as collecting mail and bringing in bins when someone is away.

The postcards were delivered to more than 2000 households in four precincts across the City of Monash. Council also worked with the community to help plan local gatherings and other activities to enhance the neighbourhood to complement the campaign.

The Meet your Street project is underpinned by research evidence around the importance of community connectedness in preventing crime and improving perceptions of safety. Research suggests that a high level of trust between community members can lead to a greater willingness to work together to prevent crime. Simple practical acts like swapping contact details, or taking your neighbour’s bin in while they’re away, can help to build positive relationships and make a street look and feel safer.

Council partnered with Victoria Police, Monash University’s Centre for Social and Population Research, Neighbourhood Watch, Link Health and community groups to deliver the project, which is part of a wider initiative by council that aims to change perceptions around community safety in the City of Monash.

Front cover of the postcard:


Back cover of the postcard: