This fact sheet has been prepared to assist you engage an appropriately qualified security adviser to identify potential security issues at the facility you own or manage and to recommend effective strategies that can help you to design and deliver a comprehensive security upgrade.

What services can security advisers provide?

Security consultants or advisers can assist you with: 

  • Security risk assessment of your premises 
  • Emergency management planning 
  • Training your staff in security and emergency response 
  • Technical specifications of security infrastructure

Security infrastructure can include:

  • Warning signs
  • Landscaping
  • Fences and gates
  • Security lighting
  • Bollards or barriers
  • Doors
  • Security alarms

When should you engage a security adviser?

You should consider engaging a security adviser to get a specialist understanding of the vulnerabilities or risks of a site and how it is used and managed. This will help to ensure that the investment into security infrastructure is targeted, and effective in addressing the identified problem.

Security advisers can also assist facility managers to better manage security risk by advising on non-infrastructure responses such as training, planning responses or writing procedures to complement and enhance the effectiveness of the security infrastructure.

Examples of activities that will benefit from engaging a security adviser include developing written security procedures and emergency management plans and training staff to implement security procedures.

Using registered security advisers

If your project requires advice from a security adviser or consultant, you need to be sure you are engaging a reputable company with the relevant qualifications and approvals to operate in Victoria. 

Victoria Police conducts licensing and registration of security professionals in Victoria and maintains a searchable database (External link) of all registered and licensed security operators. You can use this database to check whether a local security adviser you are considering is appropriately registered.

Approved industry organisations

Victoria Police has also approved the following security industry organisations who can provide licensing, support and professional development to security companies:

  • Association of Investigators and Security Professionals 
  • Australian Institute of Professional Investigators 
  • Australian Security Industry Association Ltd (ASIAL) 
  • Security Providers Association of Australia Limited 
  • Victorian Security Institute Inc. 

You should ask the security professional/s you are considering engaging whether they are also registered with one of the above approved security industry organisations.

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