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The best way to keep Victorian communities safe is preventing crime from occurring in the first place.

We must hold offenders to account and ensure we have strong law enforcement to keep our communities safe. We also need to tackle the underlying causes that can lead people to offend, which can include social and economic disadvantage, educational disengagement, community disconnection and social isolation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated these issues for many Victorians, which means more support is needed to help people stay on the right path and out of the justice system.

This is why government is delivering a Crime Prevention Strategy which sets out a clear, long-term approach to addressing the causes of offending to keep our communities safe as they recover from the pandemic.

The Strategy will form part of government’s broader social recovery agenda and will build on existing efforts and investments across government. One such investment is the Building Safer Communities Program, which includes grants and community forums designed to empower communities to identify and deliver crime prevention solutions that work for them.

We know that a collective effort across government, community, business and all parts of society is required to meaningfully address the causes of crime and recover from the pandemic. As Minister for Crime Prevention, I will work with my colleagues across government to build on our existing reforms in family violence, mental health support, education, employment and community policing, as well as government’s broader social recovery plan.

We all benefit when every Victorian has the chance to achieve their full potential, and we have a collective interest in working together to help those who need it most.

We will build on what is already working and support local innovation to deliver results and help create safe, resilient and thriving Victorian communities.

The Hon Natalie Hutchins MP

Minister for Crime Prevention