Prevention and early intervention are key to the work of the Broadmeadows Community Youth Justice Alliance (BCYJA) which is changing the lives of young people in Melbourne’s North West.

The BCYJA is a youth crime prevention project being led by the Banksia Gardens Community Services to help vulnerable and high-risk recidivist young people living near the Banksia Garden Public Housing Estate and surrounds.

Supported by a $700,000 Youth Crime Prevention Grant through the Victorian Government’s Community Crime Prevention Program, the project launched in 2017 and is working to assist more than 150 young people living in the area.

The Alliance is creating positive pathways for change by bringing together a range of organisations including Jesuit Social Services, Northern Community Legal Centre and headspace Glenroy from a centralised hub. From here, young people can easily connect with their services such as employment, counselling, drug and alcohol, legal assistance and mental health support.

BCYJA also delivers the YouthSpace3047 activity program, facilitating sporting and recreational activities for local youth each week such as soccer, martial arts, dancing and music. This not only helps to build connections with each other and the community, it is also used as a channel for identifying young people who might need more intensive support.

To learn more about how the BCYJA is working together to turn young lives around in Broadmeadows, watch this video.



The $10 million Youth Crime Prevention Grants program is supporting 43 community-led projects addressing the underlying causes of youth crime and recidivism for young people aged between 10 and 24.

Find out more about the Youth Crime Prevention Grants. (External link)

Banskia Gardens Community Services and the Department of Justice and Community Safety’s North West Metropolitan region have been working closely together since 2012 to strengthen the community through various programs, and advocacy and funding support.