The Acknowledgement and Publicity Guidelines outline the requirements for grant funded projects to acknowledge and promote the project funding, ensure correct government branding, and work with the department to notify it of event opportunities.

A common condition of Victorian government funding for services or project activity is that recipients must agree to follow the department’s guidelines for acknowledging the government’s funding. Aligning with the current Victorian government branding protocols, funding acknowledgement guidelines are provided as follows.

Keeping the funding confidential

If your funding is approved, you may be required to keep this confidential until a public announcement is made by the relevant Minister or their representative. If this applies to your funding and/or project activity, you will be notified in writing at the time you are advised that funding has been approved.

Government representative opportunities

You must invite the government’s representative to participate when launching the funded service or project activity, and invite them to any future events.

If you officially launch or open the funded service or project activity via an event or press release, you must advise the department of your plans and provide the relevant Minister with an opportunity to be involved. You must also invite the department and the Minister to all significant events associated with the service or project activity.

You will need to give adequate notice (the department recommends at least two months’ lead time) and work with the department to coordinate the Minister’s and/or their representative’s role in the opening or launch, or their attendance at events.

The department may request that you consider holding an event if one is not already planned, in order to give government the opportunity to either launch or celebrate the completion of the funded service or project activity, and these requests should be given due consideration and supported where reasonable and possible.

The department is responsible for coordinating participation by the Minister or a representative in all funding announcement activities.

Printed and verbal acknowledgement

You must acknowledge the government’s funding support in all published or printed materials, speeches, or other forms of presentations.

The Victorian Government’s funding support and key messages about the department or funding program (if there are any) should be acknowledged:

  • in speeches and presentations about the service or project activity
  • in press releases
  • in relevant job advertisements
  • on documents, publications, reports, brochures, posters, flyers and the like.
  • on websites; websites developed with the government’s funding support should also include a link to the department website. You should contact the department for the relevant website URL.

Guidance on Victorian government logo use and key statements to use are included in these guidelines.

Capital projects acknowledgement

For capital projects, the government’s funding support is to be acknowledged on signage.

The Victorian Government logo is to be displayed on:

  • temporary signs erected while work is being done
  • permanent signage, such as a plaque.

You must ensure that the current Victorian Government branding guidelines are followed when using the Victorian Government logo on any signage.

Victorian Government key funding statement for publishing or printing

For projects funded through Empowering Communities please use the following wording and logo:

  • “The <project name> was funded by the Empowering Communities initiative as part of the Victorian Government's crime prevention investment.”


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For all other grant funded projects, please use the following wording:

  • “The <project name> was funded by the Victorian Government as part of the government's crime prevention investment.”

If your project is funded by more than one Victorian Government department, you must use the following funding acknowledgement statement in published or printed materials associated with the funded service or project activity.

  • “The <project name> was/is supported by the Victorian Government.”

Victorian Government input to materials for publication and printing

You must provide drafts of all publications or signage relating directly to your funded service or project to the department officer named in your service or funding agreement for approval prior to final production.

Draft text for materials should be provided to the department for review and approval at least two weeks before publication, design or print. If the materials require graphic design, a draft proof of the design must also be provided for review and approval at least one week before publication or print. This is to ensure that any required changes can be made before the design is finalised, and to avoid any additional design costs being incurred by your organisation.

The department reserves the right to request that you amend publications or signage relating to your funded service or project if necessary. Amendments may relate to content or the use of the Victorian Government brand, references to funding figures and funding acknowledgements.

The government should also be given the opportunity to contribute a sponsor’s message for any relevant publication.

Victorian Government logo for publishing, printing and signage

You must use the Victorian government’s brand in all published or printed materials or signage associated with the funded service or project activity.

The logo to use is shown below. There are variations on how the logo is to be used depending on what you are publishing or printing. It cannot be altered without permission. 

Logo - Vic Gov - Blue - New Aug2015    

You can obtain a high-resolution version of the logo in the format required from the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet (External link)

Department signage at events

The department must be offered an opportunity to display department branded signs or banners at all openings, launches and events supported by or associated with government funding support.

Department signs and banners can be borrowed from the department. Your organisation is responsible for organising their collection, display and prompt return with the assistance of the department’s representative. If aware of any upcoming activities where the department’s sign or banners should be displayed, you should contact the department.

Reporting on acknowledgement of the government’s funding support

You may need to provide details of how the government’s funding support was/is being acknowledged.

The department may request this information as part of your reporting template or instructions in relation to the funded project or service activity.

Further information

Please contact the department officer named in your service or funding agreement for further guidance.