This Action Area aims to encourage collaboration and strengthen partnerships across different sectors and communities to improve access to targeted, effective crime prevention supports.

Measuring our impact – Action Area 2

To measure progress in Action Area 2, we will track indicators such as increased awareness of local supports and services in communities, principles of cultural safety and inclusion embedded in the design and delivery of crime prevention initiatives, reduced antisocial behaviour in targeted locations, and increased engagement in pro-social activities, such as sport.

Effective crime prevention requires a joined-up approach between government, industry, services and communities to address the root causes of crime and target the risk factors for offending.

To address the factors that drive crime, we will strengthen supports for families, communities and individuals; work across government to enhance employment and education initiatives; and establish innovative community and industry partnerships.

This work will respond to the needs of Victorian communities, particularly through:

  • establishing partnerships across sectors, such as sports and youth-focused services, to address risk factors and support communities
  • enhancing programs and support for people at risk of involvement with the criminal justice system and piloting innovative approaches and programs 
  • supporting community initiatives that address specific risk factors for offending through expertise and resourcing
  • continuing partnerships with Neighbourhood Watch and Crime Stoppers Victoria to build community awareness and connection, and increase community safety.
Graphic of three hexagon shapes with key shape displaying text Enhance and connect supports

Working in partnership with African-Australian communities

Ten smiling women standing in a vegetable garden at the back of a house

Young people thrive when they are supported by the right services and feel connected to their families and communities.

We are working in partnership with African-Australian communities in the South-Eastern and Western suburbs of Melbourne to deliver the right support to families to help them manage challenges and connect to culturally-appropriate services. This includes the Empowering Mothers program, which will deliver support to strengthen families and boost protective factors for young people.

This support recognises and builds on the strengths of young people and their families to build connectedness and resilience.

Find out more about the African-Australian partnerships.

Sports Alliance for Crime Prevention

Four young AFL players leaping for mark. One team is wearing blue and green and the other black and red colours

Sport is a powerful tool to engage young people and build communities.

The Sports Alliance for Crime Prevention brings together leaders in the sports sector to provide advice to government on the role of sport in crime prevention and takes action to support young people.

Through the Alliance, the government has supported projects to engage and support young people through AFL, Football, Basketball, Rugby League and Netball.

Find out more about the Sports Alliance.

Partnership projects test new approaches to crime prevention

Four women standing on side of the pavement at night observing light treatment

We have already established partnerships and pilot projects with Victorian communities, sporting organisations, councils and community organisations to test innovative approaches to crime prevention and to inform the development of this strategy.

These projects included a gender informed lighting project in Darebin, a community engagement project in Kurunjang, support for young people experiencing challenges through partnerships focusing on employment and education, and intensive support for young people in partnership with Youth Activating Youth.