Effective and inclusive engagement of young people is supported by a range of key concepts, principles and good practice strategies. The following resources may assist you in designing and delivering a project with young people.

Our promise, Your future: Victoria’s youth strategy 2022–2027

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Created with thousands of young Victorians, this strategy will give young people better access to opportunities and support them to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. The plan sets out 6 key priority areas for the next 5 years.


Source: Department of Families, Fairness and Housing
From: Australia
Type of resource: Downloadable booklet

Risk and protective factors

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This document identifies key concepts and principles relevant to understanding and working with vulnerable young people, particularly those aged 10-25. It contains information on risk and protective factors, working with young people from a range of backgrounds and how to get them engaged in programs.


Source: Community Crime Prevention
From: Australia
Type of resource: Downloadable booklet

Inclusive Organisations - good practice strategies for engaging young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds in services and programs

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Culturally and linguistically diverse young people have specific needs that are distinct from their peers and adults. This resource provides information to assist organisations to increase their inclusiveness and minimise factors that may act as barriers to participation in programs and services. It also provides a framework that organisations can use to improve their engagement with young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds and enhance good practice across their services and programs.


Source: Centre for Multicultural Youth
From: Australia
Type of resource: Downloadable booklet

Working with Indigenous children, families, and communities: Lessons from practice

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A resource to assist organisations to support Indigenous families and communities, including the planning and delivery of services aimed at Indigenous people, cultural competency, staff awareness and building relationships.


Source: Australian Institute of Family Studies
From: Australia
Type of resource: Online resource