CCTV can deter potential offenders from criminal activity and help with the detection, investigation and prosecution of offenders. CCTV can also increase people’s perceptions of safety and their use of public places.

Evidence suggests that the best outcomes are achieved when CCTV is used together with other crime prevention strategies tailored to the specific local issues and context.

There is a significant range of issues to be considered in determining whether CCTV is an appropriate response to local crime and antisocial behaviour issues.

Presentations about CCTV

Below are a number of presentations about CCTV which may be useful when considering a CCTV project in your area. 

Privacy considerations for CCTV by Mr David Watts, Acting Privacy Commissioner and the Victorian Commissioner for Law Enforcement Data Security.

CCTV considerations by Anika Dell, Senior Police and Program Adviser, Community Crime Prevention Unit, Victorian Department of Justice and Community Safety. 

CCTV considerations and options by Phillip Boyd, CCTV adviser 

Developing and delivering a CCTV project by Belinda Collins, Community Safety Officer, Greater Shepparton City Council

Case study: CCTV in Ballarat by Amanda Collins, Community Safety Planning, City of Ballarat